Proficient Massage Therapy

Proficient Massage Therapy

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Our Services and Pricing:

  • Therapeutic Massage  - Promotes relaxation, stimulate circulation, relieve tension and expand the range of motion.  $70 – 1 hr./ $45 - 30 mins./ $110 - 90 mins
  • Prenatal Massage -A gentle massage geared to relieving the muscle cramps, spasms and pain often encountered in the lower back, neck, hips and legs during pregnancy. $70 – 1 hr./ $45 – 30 mins.
  • Hot Stone Massage - A specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones as an extension of their own hands, and by placing them on the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles. $80 – 1 hr./ $50 – 30 mins.
  • Treat The Feet - Soak, Scrub, Massage. relaxing to your tired, aching feet. - $65 - 1 hr./ $35 - 30 mins
  • Chair Massage - $35 - 30 mins.
  • Couples Massages - A full body massage performed for 2-persons in the same room. $135 - 1 Hr.
  • Mobile Massages - $110 - 1Hr. / $145 - 1.5 Hrs (By appointment only)
  • Percussion Therapy (ADD-ON): Involves a revolutionary handheld device that jolts target areas of the body with gentle pulses of pressure deep into your muscle tissue. This action softens muscle tissue in areas where we experience intense stiffness and build up. This form of deep massage can work knots and tension out of the muscles while improving blood flow and quickly enhancing range of motion. With percussion therapy, you don't experience pain, only relief. - $10
  •  CBD Massage Oil (ADD-ON - $10
  • Spa Treatment (ADD ON)  - $10

Relief is just a click or phone call away. Book online or call 706-247-7080 to schedule your appointment.


If you are unable to keep your allotted appointment, you are required to give a minimum of 24 hours advance notice.  Failure to do so will incur a fee of 50% of your booked appointment.

Office - 706-247-7080

email - [email protected]